Living with Parents

Common Situation

Common Situation

More than 50% of young people in Poland do not want to move out from their parents. They do not earn enough to live on their own, and the majority of them do not work on a full-time basis, rather on contract, which precludes them from being able to acquire a mortgage for a home. According to Rzeczpospolita, exactly 53% of people between the ages of 18 and 35 are still living with their parents. According to a KRD Economic Information Bureau report on the financial situation of young people in Poland, even though one third of the respondents are people in their thirties, they are in no hurry to move away from home. This applies to 69% of respondents living in the countryside and 30% living in the city. However, social psychologist Professor Janusz Czapiński points out that this situation varies from city to city, town to town. In large cities, such as Warsaw, renting a flat is extremely expensive. Research shows that 50% of young Varsovians prefer to live with their parents. Experts point out that this phenomenon is caused by financial factors, however, they are also convinced that even if the economy improved, and people had no trouble getting well-paid jobs, a large number of young people would still choose to live with their parents. Professor Czapiński notes that the attitude in Poland mirrors that of southern Europe, where tradition dictates that people leave the family home as late as possible.

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