Ukrainian Children Wanted

Ukrainian Children Wanted

Ukrainian or Polish Children?

The most depopulated counties in province of Subcarpathia (Podkarpacie) have taken steps to attract young Poles living in Ukraine to Poland. The Tadeusz Kościuszko high school in Lubaczów is offering young Poles living in the Ukraine free sets of student books, a scholarship and subsidised accommodation and board, according to Gazeta Wyborcza. “The counties of Przemyśl and Lubaczów are the most depopulated counties in the province of Subcarpathia. Thankfully, we cannot complain about a lack of candidates for school and this year we have six first-form classes, but we need to think about the future and have therefore begun advertising ourselves in Ukraine,” says Zbigniew Hypiak, the headmaster of the high school in Lubaczów. This offer is addressed to Poles who live in Ukraine and who possess a Polish Card (Karta Polaka), which affords people with Polish roots, who cannot obtain Polish citizenship, certain rights that would otherwise not be available to them.

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