Highway to Ukraine

Improving Infrastructure

Improving Infrastructure

Drivers travelling on A4 highway can already use the new Korczowa junction. This is the last section on Polish territory which enables drivers to exit the A4 before crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border. Joanna Rarus, spokeswoman of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), informed the public that the road was built as part of the A4 Przemyśl-Korczowa section. The Greek contractors J&P Avax, who should have finished in December 2013, only recently finished. It now gives drivers the possibility to choose an alternative road just after crossing the border from Ukraine. Rarus says that the location of the road will have a great impact on the future development of the border area as well as creating economic zones. The Korczowa road will become the new terminal for passenger vehicles on the border. The Przemyśl to Korczowa section cost PLN 818m. The Greek contractors built more than 11 engineering facilities, 16 culverts for animals as well as two rest areas. Two sections of the A4 in Podkarpacie province from Rzeszów to Jarosław still need to be built. The procedure for selecting a new contractor is currently in progress as the GDDKiA had to sever its contract with the previous constructor. The section of highway from Tarnów to Dębica should be completed this year. The entire A4 highway was supposed to be finished in time for Euro 2012. When completed, the entire length of the A4 will be 670km.

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