Mysterious Briefcase



The officers of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) who recently visited the offices of Wprost magazine left behind four things: a) an absolute mess, b) a broken door, c) the very laptop that they came for, and d) one of their briefcases complete with official documents and stamps. Soon after the ABW left the premises, journalists informed the public about the mysterious black briefcase, encouraging the ABW to return and collect it. When there was no response, the briefcase spent the night with journalists, and resurfaced the following day during a press conference held by PM Donald Tusk. “Please, take it. We have absolutely no use for it back at the office,” said Wprost journalist Cezary Łazarewicz, addressing the Prime Minister. “We are truly at a loss as to what to do with the briefcase. Perhaps with your help we could return it to Interior Minister Sienkiewicz [incriminated in the recent hacking scandal]. There are some official stamps and secret documents inside. We really don’t need it,” he continued. Apparently, neither does the head of the government because as soon as the conference was over, he left without it. The rightful owner has yet to claim the object, but in the meantime the briefcase has become a ridiculed symbol of the botched raid on the magazine.

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