Saving for a Holiday

Dream On!

Dream on!

Taking out loans for holidays is much more expensive than it seems, according to experts. The beginning of the summer is often the time when a large proportion of Polish people come to the conclusion that they did not manage to save enough money for holidays during the year. Institutions that offer loans and credit schemes most often benefit from this situation and intensify their marketing campaigns in order to take advantage of the climate. Łukasz Bugaj, a financial analyst from the BOŚ brokerage house, reminds us that despite the fact that loans often have attractive names, they still remain the most expensive way of financing a holiday. Bugaj adds that when repaying the instalments on such loans, we not only have to bear the costs of our summer vacation but the interest on the loan itself. Bugaj states that the best way to strike a financial balance is to be disciplined when spending money. He emphasises that having a balance throughout the year is not only beneficial when trying to save for our holidays but also for our finances in general.

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