Smartphones and Tablets Rule

Tablets Rule

Tablets Rule

Poles spend increasingly more money on hi-tech equipment. Despite this, sales of video cameras, digital cameras, televisions and DVD players have fallen. What is more, they will carry on falling, reports Rzeczpospolita. Although Poland is Europe’s heart of TV set manufacturing and still has an open market with regard to consumer electronics, the demand for certain equipment has visibly shrunk. According to a report of the Consumer Electronics Association, Polish people do not need computers, digital cameras, camcorders, DVD Blu-ray players or even TV sets. In fact, only two products have won this technological battle: smartphones and tablets. “The constant evolution of smartphones and tablets generates new possibilities in their usage, thus increasing their utility and value, but at the same time displacing other devices, such as digital cameras, in Polish homes,” highlights Shawn DuBravac, an opinion leader of the technology industry in the US, co-author of the Smartphone Index on the US Nasdaq stock exchange. Today, one third of Polish people have a tablet, and 38% claim they would like to purchase such a device. More than half of all Polish people have a smartphone and 40% would like to buy one.

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