Belarusian Bookstore in Warsaw

New Bookstore

New Bookstore

A branch of Logvinau, the bookstore, was opened in Belarusian House in Warsaw this week. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was undertaken by bookstore manager Kacyarina Pikerenya and famous Belarusian poet Andrey Hadanovich. In an interview, Kacyarina and Andrej emphasised the significance of the bookstore saying that it will attract book-lovers and bring together people interested in culture. Besides, visitors are not obliged to buy any books and are free to come and read them enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Logvinau. What is more, the book exchange system is used in the bookstore. Although the bookstore is Belarusian, there are also a host of books in many different languages. Kacyarina admitted, “My dream is to open bookstores not only in Warsaw but also in Vilnius and Kiev. We have already fulfilled one of our dreams and soon the new website will also be launched. It will give people the opportunity to order books online and check out our events calendar.” For those interested in buying a book from Logvinau in Warsaw, please contact Maksim Sergiec on +48 691 339 588.

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