Boy Suffocates in Car



In Pstrągowa, in the province of Podkarpacie, a 2-year-old boy suffocated after being left unattended in a car for less than four minutes. The child probably opened a window on his own and put his head outside. As he moved, his neck got stuck in the narrowest part of the opening. He was unable to free himself and suffocated in front of his 4-year-old sister, who told their parents that “something was not right” with her baby brother. The tragedy took place late on Thursday afternoon, just after the family came back from church. The children wanted to play in the car a little longer as the adults went inside, leaving little Paweł with his sister for a few minutes. Both parents were sober at the time and are still too traumatised to be interviewed by police. According to prosecutors, all evidence points to it being a tragic accident. The autopsy, conducted on Friday, confirmed that the boy died of suffocation. Prosecutor Zbigniew Wieszczek said that in light of the autopsy results, as well as an examination of the car and the preliminary interviews that have been conducted, no criminal proceedings are likely to be initiated against the parents.

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