Worthless Polish-US Alliance

Alliance in Doubt?

Alliance in Doubt?

“Minister Sikorski’s international career is about to be dramatically cut short by his own pathetic comments. He has lost the chance to hold any office in the EU or NATO. It is a pity,” said MP Tadeusz Iwiński of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD). His comments are a reaction to the recently revealed contents of yet another batch of wiretap recordings. Increadingly more politicians of the ruling Civic Platform (PO) are finding themselves in a difficult position as Wprost magazine continues to publish transcripts and recordings of their private conversations. One of the newly released transcripts features Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski expressing his opinions on Polish-US relations. Using crude language, Sikorski describes the alliance between the two countries as worthless and even harmful to Poland as it “creates a false sense of security” unnecessarily antagonising Germany and Russia. The minister has also something to say about Poles, whom he considers to be “suckers” with “shallow pride and low self-esteem”. Before the scandal, Sikorski was seen as a rising star in the world of international politics. Last month, he became Poland’s official candidate to be the next head of EU foreign policy.

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