More People Drowning

Worrying Stats

Worrying Stats

Since the beginning of May, more than 100 people have drowned, according to the latest police data. WOPR rescue service life guards have appealed to the public to only use guarded bathing spots and not to enter the water after drinking alcohol. In the summer there are numerous social events, including many co-organised by WOPR rescue service that highlight a ban on alcohol before swimming. Several thousand posters informing the public about the risks of drinking and swimming will be put up around seaside resorts, as well as in towns close to lakes and rivers across Poland. “Even a small amount of alcohol impairs balance, the ability to swim and our strength while significantly reducing the ability to recognise and assess risk,” warns Jerzy Telak, head of the WOPR water rescue service. Life guards have also called for caution and a respect for safety during holidays by the sea or freshwater. Young children should swim only under adult supervision in inflatable wheels or sleeves, preferably in fluorescent, highly visible colours. Hired water equipment should always be checked before entering the water, including boats and canoes, oars and life jackets.

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