5 Year-old Suffocates in Car



All it took was a moment for the 5-year-old girl to suffocate on a seatbelt while having playing in the car. The incident took place in Łomnica-Zdrój, Piwniczna. The child was found in the car with a seatbelt twisted around her neck by her grandmother. At first she thought the girl was asleep. However, she noticed that the girl was not breathing, so she called an ambulance immediately. After nearly an hour trying to resuscitate the little girl, paramedics managed to get her breathing going after which they transported her by helicopter to the nearest children’s hospital. Unfortunately, 5-year-old Magda died in hospital. The prosecutor in Muszyna has now begun an investigation into the case. Firstly, he needs to confirm whether strangulation was the only cause of death of the 5-year-old, and then check if her grandmother took adequate care of her granddaughter.

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