Archbishop Defrocked for Child Abuse

Wesołowski - Disgusting

Wesołowski – Disgusting

Archbishop Józef Wesołowski, the former ambassador of the Vatican to the Dominican Republic, has been defrocked following an investigation conducted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The ex-nuncio’s problems started when a Dominican TV station broadcasted a reportage which showed Wesołowski frequenting areas known for child prostitution. The Vatican quickly recalled its ambassador and subsequently rejected both Dominican and Polish applications for extradition. Church officials argued that Wesołowski was a citizen of the Vatican and as such could only be tried there. What is more, Wesołowski was protected by diplomatic immunity, which made starting criminal proceedings against him impossible. The decision to defrock him opens the door for criminal prosecutors in the Vatican, but possibly also for Polish ones to begin proceedings against him. The Warsaw prosecutor’s office informed the media that the ruling presently had no impact on the Polish investigation into Wesołowski; however, as soon as prosecutors receive a formal notice, the legal situation of the ex-nuncio will be re-evaluated. According to the media, evidence collected by Dominican prosecutors includes medical opinions, the testimonies of five children, and a statement made by deacon Francisco Javier Occis Reyes, who allegedly had sexual relations with Wesołowski and probably knew about the former archbishop’s crimes.

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