Alice in Saxon Gardens



Polish artist and painter Włodzimierz Jan Zakrzewski has been interested in the concept of time and the changing perception of reality from the 1970s. Now he has created the interactive sound installation, “Alice”, in the Saxon Gardens in Warsaw opposite the Zachęta building, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The physical part of the installation was designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczęsny. Visitors can explore, among other things, a labyrinth with large playing cards that move to the music and can stroll along a gravel path with laser-controlled sounds. The tempo, volume and pitch change depending on whether participants walk, jog or run, all made possible thanks to technology developed by Michał Silski. As a result, even a small child can become a co-conductor. The culmination of the piece is a giant-sized elephant, Jakub Bąkowski’s sound sculpture “Yellow”, which reacts to visitors by roaring and playing bebop solos. The installation was produced by the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) and is a twin project to “Alice: Wonderland Across the Road”, which can be seen until 17 August on the ground floor of Zachęta. “Alice” can be seen in Warsaw’s Saxon Gardens until 6 July after which it will tour other Polish cities. Entry is free of charge.

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