Marilyn Monroe in Wrocław



A collection of 3,000 photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken by one of the best-known fashion and film star photographers, Milton H. Greene, was put up for auction by DESA Unicum. The unique collection, which belonged to the Foreign Debt Service Fund since the mid-90s, was bought by Wrocław-based Hala Ludowa for PLN 6.4 million, making it the biggest one-off transaction on the Polish art market ever. The head of the company Andrzej Baworowski said that the collection is worth approximately PLN 18-24 million. The collection features many well-known photographs and also many never seen by the public before. A new museum will be created in Wrocław especially for the collection, which also contains approximately 100 photographs of Marlene Dietrich. The mayor of Wrocław explained that the purchase is an investment and also that Wrocław hopes to win the Melina Mercouri prize (PLN 1.5 million) for the European Capital of Culture. He has assured Wrocław residents that he has already started looking for private sponsors who will support the undertaking. The mayor was in favour of the purchase because he believes that apart from the Racławice Panorama and the original “Pan Tadeusz” by Adam Mickiewicz (Poland’s national bard), Wrocław can profit from another new international attraction. However, many believe that the investment is a “costly whim” and they doubt if it will changes the cultural line of the city.

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