Less Pee in Baltic Sea

Clean Water?

Clean Water?

Poland has finally joined the European elite in terms of the quality of its bathing waters. Thanks to European funds for sewage treatment plants and district sewage systems, all of Poland’s seaside waters have attained high marks in terms of quality. Every year, before the beginning of the summer season, the European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes water quality reports for Europe’s bathing waters. The ratings take into account the concentration levels of such bacteria as Escherichia coli or Enterococcus faecali, which indicate pollution from sewage or animal excrement. All bathing waters (the list includes about 22,000 official bathing areas across the EU) receive a mark: “excellent”, “good”, “sufficient”, “poor”. The beaches of Cyprus are the cleanest. According to EU experts there were many reservations to the water quality of popular beaches such as the French Riviera, the Costa Brava and Liguria (about 3% of bathing waters received only a “sufficient” mark). Compared to these resorts, Polish bathing waters did well. Only one bathing area out of 200 taken under consideration by the EEA received the lowest mark, a beach by Tarpieński Lake, near Grudziądz. “In 2009, over 12% of Poland’s Baltic bathing areas received the lowest marks. So much has changed. The massive improvement of Baltic water quality is a result of the improvement of sewage treatment plants and investment,” says Jakub Skorupski from the Green Federation GAJA. Unfortunately, EEA quality control does not take into consideration sand pollution on beaches or problems with chemicals and other rubbish (cans, bottles, etc.), which often pollute the water. The resorts that received an “excellent” mark include, among others, Krynica Morska, Sopot, Jurata, Jastarnia and Świnoujście.

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