Crazy BMW Driver Caught

Caught At Last

Caught At Last

According to a police witness, it was Robert N. who was sitting behind the wheel of the white BMW M3 as it raced through the streets of Warsaw on 5 June. Experts say that he was driving over 200 km/h. Despite a number of promises made by the police, prosecutors, and even the Prime Minister, nobody has been charged in the case yet. Currently, prosecutors are trying to determine whether the numerous charges that Robert N. faced in the past were rightfully dismissed. The man, nicknamed “Frog”, was detained by the police for two days and subsequently set free as the prosecutors did not ask for him to be remanded. He is being charged with seven offences that include using forged documents and being in possession of an unlicensed firearm; however, none of the charges pertain to him racing through the streets of Warsaw in a BMW. Robert Rynkun-Werner, the driver’s attorney, maintains that his client is innocent. According to the attorney, the police want to capitalise on people’s interest in the case in order to get good publicity while turning Robert N. into a gangster-like figure.

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