Family Jumps to Escape Fire

Jump to Safety

Jump to Safety

On Monday, the top floor of a family house on Zdunów Street in Kraków caught fire. Its inhabitants, a 29-year-old woman and her 8-year-old daughter and another woman were forced to jump out of a window to save their lives. “The stairs caught fire, effectively cutting off their escape route. What is more, the building was filled with dense smoke,” said Łukasz Szewczyk, spokesman for the Kraków Fire Department. “We received information that the people inside the building were prepared to jump ten metres, so we dispatched additional vehicles with ladders,” said Szewczyk in an interview for Wirtualna Polska. However, with the fire rapidly spreading through the house, the inhabitants decided to evacuate immediately, jumping onto a freestanding garage. The mother used her own body to shield the little girl. Although she managed to save her daughter from sustaining any serious injuries, she herself took the brunt of the fall and may have seriously damaged her spine. The other woman escaped unharmed. “To have made that jump was a truly brave decision. If they had [miscalculated and] landed on the grit surface instead, the consequences could have been far more tragic,” added Szewczyk. The cause of the fire is as of yet undetermined.

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