Jail Sentence for Racial Slurs

White Power

White Power

The District Court in Białystok has sentenced 38-year-old Adam Cz. to six months in prison for posting a video of himself making racist comments about a mixed ethnicity couple on the internet. The couple in question partook in the “Białystok is my home” campaign, promoting racial tolerance. The accused took offence both to the citizen of India calling Białystok his home and to his Polish wife whom Adam Cz. called a “traitor of the white race”. Due to the fact that the accused committed similar offences in the past, the court decided to impose an immediate custodial sentence. District judge Barbara Paszkowska noted that statements such as “we will do everything in our power to make sure that this man goes back to where he came from” or “Białystok is not this man’s home” go beyond what might be understood as exercising one’s right to freedom of speech. The accused maintained his innocence throughout the trial and denied inciting racial hatred. According to Adam Cz., he is the victim and the prison sentence is a warning to anyone who wants to “tell the truth” to make them keep their mouth shut.

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