Summer, Street and Music

Street Rhythms

Street Rhythms

For many of us, summer is a time of relaxation and holidays. However, young people in Poland see it as a great opportunity to make money. Some take a guitar in their hands hoping that people passing by will appreciate their musical efforts. Surprisingly, busking is quite beneficial not only financially but in terms of learning the value of being well organised. The best places to busk in Warsaw are those most often visited by foreign tourists: the Old Town, the Palace of Culture and Science and large shopping centres. Other places are not so profitable. When it comes to the repertoire, the most popular and well-known songs are usually best. People are more likely to stop when they hear melodies they know and then the possibility of making money is greater. The weather is often a source of many problems with instruments. When the temperature is too high, the strings stretch; when it is too low, your hands become stiff. What is more, you cannot perform music when it is raining. These obstacles, however, do not discourage young buskers. The reason may be because this type of job does not always bring great profit but it does give pleasure and entertainment. Sadly, most others prefer a stuffy office job sitting in front of a computer screen.

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