Largest Amusement Park in Poland

Shape of Things to Come

Shape of Things to Come

The Energylandia amusement park in Zator, Lesser Poland, will open on 14 July, although some of the attractions will not be available until 2015. The park covers an area of 26 hectares and employs 250 people. It contains Europe’s two largest rollercoasters and many other rides, which should attract at least 170,000 visitors this year alone. The man behind the investment is Marek Gocał, owner of the Energy 2000 chain of nightclubs. The location of Energylandia is not random, as Zator lies on the border of Lesser Poland and Silesia, less than half an hour from the important cities of Kraków and Katowice. The investment cost PLN 73m, and was partially funded by the EU (PLN 42m). Although the plan was accepted in 2009, constructors received European funds four years later. Energylandia will have three sectors: for children, teenagers and adults/parents, and will feature, among others, rollercosters, a large river drop and a ‘pyramid of fear’. Entry will cost PLN 49-89 for a day, but people from Zator, only have to pay a nominal fee of PLN 1.

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