200-year Bottle of Mineral Water

Not Wine

Not Wine

Submarine archaeologists have made a sensational discovery. They have found a two-hundred-year-old bottle of Selters mineral from the German town of Limburg-Weilburg in Hesse. The archaeologists found the well-preserved, stoneware corked bottle while looking for the wreck of the F-53-31 in Gdańsk. “The bottle dates back to 1806-1830 and was discovered during work on the wreckage of the F-53-31,” says Tomasz Bednarz, an archaeologist from the National Maritime Museum. “In addition, we managed to find pieces of pottery, a bowl and a few fragments of other bottles. We also have a lot of stones and even boulders and a ship’s stern, which is a fragment of the vessel. Selters water is one of the oldest mineral waters found in Europe. Its source was discovered around the year 1000 on the northern slopes of the Taunus Mountains. For centuries Selters water has been on the tables of the most rich and powerful people in this world. Its characteristic properties are legendary: apparently a few sips of the ‘liquid treasure’ give both health and strength.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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