Bomb Paralyses Gdańsk

60kg Monster
60kg Monster

A WWII bomb has been found during work on Gdańsk railway station. The viaduct over the railway was closed and the city centre was left completely paralysed. Trains and trams were also not running. The centre of Gdańsk was cut off from the rest of the city for two hours. At 9:30 a.m. police officers closed the viaduct, because an excavator has dicovered a 60kg unexploded bomb in the railway station, at the end of platform five. All the cars trying to get to the city centre from Wrzeszcz were re-routed, which resulted in huge traffic jams across the city leaving cycles the only realistic way to get around the city because public transport was also out of order. Around 11 a.m. bomb disposal experts from Elbląg arrived and removed the unexploded bomb. The bomb was actually only a 60-kg fragment (about one third) of a German aerial bomb, 50 cm long and 30 cm. The unexploded bomb will be detonated in Braniewo. Even to this day, Polish people still have to live with the consequences of German aggression during WWII.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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