Eleven Die in Plane Crash

Plane Crash

Plane Crash

Eleven people were killed and one person was injured in a plane crash near Częstochowa on Saturday. The sole survivor is a 40-year-old man. Although his injuries are extensive, he is stable and responsive.  The Piper Navajo, property of a local private parachuting school, was carrying twelve people; it crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff. The cause of the accident is as yet unknown, but it has been pointed out that the plane was not meant to carry more than ten people, and not adhering to this restriction could be a factor, as an overloaded plane in combination with high temperatures can sometimes cause engine failure. The first person on the scene, a local resident and a former firefighter, managed to get three people out of the wreckage before the fire engulfed the entire aircraft. The injuries of two of the people were too severe and they died soon after, but the third person survived thanks to the quick intervention of the ex-firefighter. After the fire had been extinguished, it was confirmed that there were nine more people, burnt beyond recognition, inside the wreckage. It is one of the most tragic plane crashes in Poland in recent years.

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