Hospital Head Fired

Bogdan Chazan Sacked

Bogdan Chazan Sacked

“If one’s conscience does not allow one to tend to a patient’s needs in accordance with the law, then one should choose another profession,” said former Health Minister Ewa Kopacz, commenting on the recent decision to dismiss Warsaw hospital head Bogdan Chazan for refusing to help a pregnant woman get an abortion because of his religious convictions. Kopacz added, “I am a doctor and a religious person, but my rights as a doctor cannot negate the rights of my patients”. Kopacz stressed the fact that a medical practitioners’ job is to serve their patients. Although she admits that she understands why some doctors would not want to perform abortions, she argues that a situation in which one’s religious convictions are held above a patient’s rights cannot be tolerated. Kopacz, the current Speaker of the Polish Lower House, the Sejm, would also prefer the media to concentrate on the suffering of the woman, whose rights were infringed upon by Dr Chazan, instead of holding endless discussions about Chazan’s ‘conscience’. The woman who was denied an abortion, which she was legally entitled to, was forced to give birth to a baby, despite the fact that the foetus had serious birth defects. The baby died on Wednesday, after only ten days.

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