Lightning Hits Boy

Bolt of Lightning

Bolt of Lightning

The incident took place in the seaside town of Grzybów, near Kołobrzeg. A 19-year-old boy was hit by lightning while he was on the beach putting up a tent. As noted by the tempest that hit Grzybów was a ‘dry storm’ without any rain. What is remarkable about the incident was the fact that the boy survived and is still alive thanks to being given immediate medical assistant by WOPR life rescuers. They began resuscitating the boy until an specialist emergency medical team from Grzybów took over. Later, the teenager was transported to a hospital in Gryfice. “Air Rescue took the 19-year-old to a hospital in Gryfice. He is now conscious,” said Elżbieta Sochanowska from the ambulance service in Szczecin. We have two more people in hospital who where standing close to where the lightning hit. Sochanowska said that the two people, a middle-aged man and woman, are under observation because lightning strikes can sometimes later cause heart arrhythmia.

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