Ziobro and Gowin Join Forces

New Right-Wing Power?

New Right-Wing Power?

Zbigniew Ziobro’s United Poland (SP) and Jarosław Gowin’s Poland Together (PRJG) have decided to join forces and create a new parliamentary group. The new right-wing alliance under the leadership of Jarosław Gowin will have fifteen MPs. “For many weeks, we have been observing the deepening crisis of the state,” said Gowin, explaining the reasons for the parties banding together. According to PRJG leader, the ruling PO-PSL coalition has lost its political and moral right to rule. He sees establishing a partnership between various right-wing and patriotic political forces as the only feasible way to remove PM Donald Tusk from office. That being said, neither Ziobro nor Gowin attended the “uniting congress” of the right wing, which Law and Justice (PiS) held on Saturday. Both politicians have declared their willingness to continue negotiations between their political formations and PiS, but consider the celebratory congress premature. On Monday, PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński met with Ziobro in order to discuss the possibility of forging an alliance with his former Justice Minister’s party. Although the negotiations so far proved unsuccessful, Ziobro hopes that “an important step towards reaching an understanding has been made”.

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