Mother Refuses to Accept Son’s Death



According to doctors, 17-year-old Kamil died on Friday, after suffering serious injuries in a car accident. His father has agreed that the teenager’s organs should be donated for transplantation. Kamil’s mother, however, refuses to accept that he has passed away and demands that the death certificate is annulled, so that she can move her son to another medical facility for treatment. For the last few days, a group of people who knew Kamil has been demonstrating in front of the hospital in which the 17-year-old died. The protesters do not believe that their friend is brain-dead and say that his doctors are too eager to go ahead with the transplants. According to friends of Kamil, he is about to be “murdered for his organs”, which is why they “came to make sure that the doctors knew that someone was watching”. Kamil’s father says that even though he understands his ex-wife’s position, he believes the doctors when they tell him that nothing can be done for his child. He adds, “If the doctors could transplant Kamil’s organs, they would be able to save other people’s lives, and, in that way, Kamil would live on, his heart beating in another person”. The doctors have assured the mother that no steps would be taken without both parents’ consent.

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