Right-Wing Parties Unite

(c) Fakt

The Holy Trinity (photo: Fakt)

After long negotiations, three of Poland’s right-wing parties have managed to reach an understanding regarding their future cooperation. On Saturday, the leaders of Law and Justice (PiS), United Poland (SP), and Poland Together (PRJG) signed a political agreement. “It is important to know the situation in the country, but also to know what to do in order to change it. One thing is certain: the change can only be accomplished together,” said Jarosław Kaczyński (PiS). According to the signed agreement, the two smaller parties will support a PiS candidate in the upcoming by-elections to the senate. Following that, all three parties will unite for this year’s regional elections, as well as in the parliamentary elections in 2015. In addition, the parties agreed to have one candidate in the presidential elections of 2015; however, none of the politicians wanted to comment on the rumour that the presidential candidate could be SP head Zbigniew Ziobro. Earlier this week, following a string of accusations made by PiS MPs who blamed the failure of negotiations on Ziobro and Gowin’s personal ambitions, Ziobro declared that he was willing to leave the world of politics if that was necessary for the right wing to unite.

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  1. Jim · July 23, 2014

    It’s a year at least till the presidential and parliamentary elections; will these three little men with big big egos hang together until then? Orbán, Kaczynski’s idol, at least doesn’t have to make deals with anyone; that’s the secret of his success.


    • Raf Uzar · July 23, 2014

      The key to Orbán’s success? Hmm… tricky one. Extreme populism, taking a hard-line, having no real opposition. I think the ingredients simply aren’t there in Poland. Having said that, I think this new coalition could win… Gulp?


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