Skye McCole Bartusiak Dies at 21

RIP Skye McCole Bartusiak

RIP Skye McCole Bartusiak

Skye McCole Bartusiak, an American actress of Polish descent, was found dead in her apartment in Texas. The cause of death is unknown, but according to various media reports, the 21-year-old actress died in her sleep. Skye made her film debut at the age of seven in “The Prophet’s Game”, but was best known for playing Mel Gibson’s daughter in “The Patriot”. Her credits include guess appearances in numerous popular television series, such as “Lost”, “24”, “CSI”, “House”, “Law and Order: SVU”. She received three nominations to the Young Artist Awards, one of them for her role in “The Patriot”, which Skye said was her personal favourite. She starred in various movies, including “Don’t Say a Word” alongside Michael Douglas and, most recently, in “Sick Boy”. Her death has been confirmed by her long-time friend and fellow actress Abigail Breslin, who wrote on Twitter: “One of my very good friends and someone who was like a sister to me, Skye McCole Bartusiak passed away today. So devastated”.

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