Tragic Summer in Warsaw

Watery Death

Watery Death

Since the holiday season started, 22 people have already drowned in the province of Masovia (up to the start of July); 18 of them in Warsaw or the surrounding area. Warsaw Metropolitan Police informs us that there are several particularly dangerous places on the water map of Masovia, where the number of accidents is highest. These so-called “black spots” have even been signposted for safety reasons. This year, there will be 13 new spots added to the already existing 90. The greatest number of tragic accidents has taken place on so-called wild beaches. A large number of drownings were registered last year: up to 62 in Masovia, including 37 in Warsaw and its surroundings, which was more than during the past 2 years put together. This year is also not promising to be a good year by looking at the already high number of people who have lost their lives. “Alcohol and recklessness are, unfortunately, the main reasons why people drown. Other tragic accidents are the result of ignorance, especially amongst the youngest, most inexperienced swimmers, who do not realise that calm-looking water may be rough or have a swift current under the surface,” according to Adam Struzik of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police. “Many people from Warsaw enjoy sun and nice weather beside the water. Unfortunately, every year fatal are accidents caused by a lack of concern for safety,” he added.

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