Mysterious Death

Shrouded in Mystery

Shrouded in Mystery

In Zawiercie, Silesia, a 21-year-old man died shortly after being examined by doctors in a local hospital. He arrived at the hospital with seemingly superficial injuries, which he attributed to an accidental fall. After being discharged, the young man left with a female friend, who had accompanied him to the hospital, to her place. The woman popped out for a while and when she returned she found her friend lying unconscious on the floor. She called for help, but EMTs were unable to resuscitate the man. The cause of death has not been determined, pending autopsy and toxicology results; however, the police have been able to ascertain that the man consumed large quantities of alcohol just prior to his sudden death. Meanwhile, friends of the 21-year-old have informed the media that the young man was assaulted by the police, which was why he supposedly had to go to hospital in the first place. The police say that there is no truth to these revelations. Nevertheless, on Saturday evening, a group of about twenty people who believe there is much more to the story, protested in front of the local police station.

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