LOT Passengers Afraid of Ukraine

No Ukraine Fly

No Ukraine Fly

The last days saw the unspeakable horror of the Malaysian aircraft disaster in which 295 people lost their lives. The plane was shot down during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. While the culprit of the disaster still remains unknown, Polish citizens who often visit Ukraine are becoming increasingly scared of crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border. Many customers of LOT Polish Airlines have already bought tickets to Ukraine, but are now wondering whether they should stay in Poland. In order to calm their fears, a LOT spokesperson claims that there are no flights near the danger zone in Ukraine. Those passengers, however, who are travelling to Odessa, Lviv or Kiev within the next few days can change the date of their flight without any additional fees. This procedure is applicable only for tickets for flights scheduled between 17 July and 15 August. Passengers who have such tickets can choose another date within a 12-month period. This will enable LOT customers to avoid unnecessary stress during their journey. Nevertheless, to pacify those who have to fly to Poland’s eastern neighbour and are still afraid, LOT stresses that the area that is now rife with separatists is not included on its flight paths. Even flights to Far Eastern countries do not fly over the danger zone in Eastern Ukraine. Those who are flying to Moscow or Tbilisi should not be anxious: the flight paths are also safe. Passengers who want to change the date of their flight should visit the LOT official website. What is more, special telephone lines have been activated for those who do not have access to the internet.

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