Picasso, Goya and Dali in Wrocław

Picasso in Wrocław

Picasso in Wrocław

Three Spanish artists, three great individualities, three intriguing personalities and corrida, for centuries associated with the social mores of the Iberian Peninsula. The exhibition of the work of three of the world’s most recognisable artists: Pablo Picasso, Francisco Goya and Salvador Dali takes place in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław from 24 July until 16 November. The theme of the exhibition “Tauromachia – bullfighting. Between good and evil” is a bull, an animal that symbolises strength and courage. A total of approximately 200 works of the three famous Spanish artists will be on display, all dedicated to corrida. Francisco Goya’s graphics entitled “Tauromachia” illustrate various techniques of bullfighting, a tradition reaching back to the roots of European culture. As for Picasso, who was familiar with the achievements of Goya, his works express not only the youthful fascinations of but also his protest against the events that took place in Spain during General Franco’s rule. By contrast, the famous surrealist Salvador Dali saw bullfighting more in terms of magical ritual and the human confrontation with animal in its aesthetic dimension.

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