Polish Space Agency

Cosmonaut Hermaszewski

Cosmonaut Hermaszewski

Poland will have its own space agency. 434 members of parliament have supported the creation of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA). The idea was the brainchild of former Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak (PSL) who argues that Poland presently spends millions of euros every year on its membership of the European Space Agency (ESA) but is unable to fully benefit from the agency’s programmes. Between 2007 and 2012, ESA granted financial support to only 45 out of 130 projects submitted by the Polish space sector. Part of the reason why Poland fails to receive funding for more of its projects is its ineffective cooperation between scientists and business partners, something that POLSA will aim to improve. The costs of running the new agency have been estimated at PLN 5-10 million per year. The new Polish initiative has received the support of ESA, which has promised POLSA preferential treatment until the end of 2017. For the next five years, 45% of close to the €20m that Poland contributes annually to ESA will be used to finance Polish projects. POLSA will be based in Warsaw and the head of the space agency will be appointed by the prime minister from candidates selected via competition. According to experts in the field, Poland could specialise in building small satellites, Earth observation instruments and organise exploratory missions.
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