Amnesiac Patient Goes Missing


Empty Bed

On 27 June, Teodor Majowski underwent brain surgery in a Katowice hospital. Ten days later, he slipped out of the medical facility and has not been seen since. While the police have been investigating the man’s disappearance, his family have not been idle either: “We keep looking everywhere: in shelters, restaurants, empty buildings, and on the streets. We have been checking in all surrounding cities as well, because we have no idea where he could have gone. The worst part is that we do not know what his present condition is,” says Artur Majowski, son of the missing 56-year-old. After suffering a stroke, Teodor had been experiencing serious memory problems. His family blames hospital staff who knew about the man’s condition but allowed him to go in and out of the building as he pleased. “He didn’t need constant supervision and would wander around the hospital, but would usually find his way back. Occasionally, he went out for a smoke. He was completely lucid,” said Piotr Bażowski, head of the hospital’s neurosurgery department. Teodor Majowski has been missing for over four weeks. He is 175 cm tall. On the day he went missing, he was wearing a yellow T-shirt, navy blue shorts and a pair of slippers. His head was half-shaven, bearing the visible marks of recent surgery.

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