Poland, Business Partner of China

Polish Dragon (in Kraków)

Polish Dragon (in Kraków)

On 30 June, Warsaw was visited by representatives of one of the largest provinces in China: Shandong. During the meeting, which included 90 companies from Shandong province, the head of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) Sławomir Majdan encouraged Chinese entrepreneurs to enter the Polish market. He also emphasised that Poland has been one of Europe’s top countries in terms of development during the global economic crisis. “We want Chinese companies to play an important role in the creation of new jobs in Poland as well as participating in Polish reindustrialisation,” said the head of PAIiIZ. Grażyna Hanclewska, deputy Minister of Economy, noted that China is Poland’s largest trading partner in Asia. “We are also interested in developing cooperation with particular provinces,” she said. According to Hanclewska the prospective areas of Polish-Chinese economic cooperation are: environmental protection, energy, metallurgical industry, machinery, chemical, agricultural, food, construction, transport and mining. “All forms of cooperation related to modern technologies are important for Poland,” she added. Grażyna Hanclewska also stressed that Poland is the EU leader when it comes to economic growth. “For more than 20 years Poland has consistently had positive economic growth,” emphasised the deputy minister. Also deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Katarzyna Kacperczyk argued that the prospects for the Polish economy are good and she added that Polish foreign trade and Polish entrepreneurship is developing rapidly. According to the deputy governor of Shandong Province Xia Geng, Poland continues to be China’s strategic trade partner in Central Europe. He also stated that Poland has great potential and trade between the two countries is growing every year. Data from the Ministry of Economy shows that in 2013 exports of Polish goods to China amounted to $2.1 billion dollars. Chinese imports to Poland amounted to over $19 billion.

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