Lynch Mob Attacks, Kills Man

Caught But Too Late

Caught But Too Late

Five men are suspected of having tortured a drunk 25-year-old, who caused a car collision in Bełchatów. They are facing up to ten years in prison. “On Sunday, around 2:30 a.m., a 25-year-old inhabitant of Silesia caused a car collision in his Ford Mondeo in a parking lot on Edwardów Street. The driver of the other vehicle was a 28-year-old woman also from Bełchatów,” according to Sławomir Szymański, Press Officer of Bełchatów Police. According to the woman’s statement, the perpetrator looked drunk. Whilst talking to the Mondeo driver, some unknown men walked over to them and started a fight with the 25-year-old man. They hit him, kicked him, and jumped on him. When he lost consciousness, the men ran away. Police officers, who were called to the incident, attempted to resuscitate the man, but unfortunately he died on his way to the hospital due to the severe injuries he had sustained. Tests showed that he was intoxicated. Thankfully, police stopped the perpetrators of the crime within just a few minutes of their attack on the man. They were a 31-year-old inhabitant of Bełchatów, a 39-year-old inhabitant of Drużbice, and three inhabitants of Zduńska Wola aged 28, 29 and 34. All of them, bar the 29-year-old, were intoxicated. Police are now investigating the reasons behind the crime.

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