Eat Apples to Annoy Putin

Eat Apples

Eat Apples

While the European Union is putting in place new sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine, Russia has banned the import of fruit and vegetables from Poland. This has led thousands of Polish internet users to encourage Poles to eat apples in order to laugh in the face of Russia’s embargo. Russian news agency ITAR-TASS first learnt that in a matter of days Russia was going to either limit or completely ban the import of fruit from Poland. Officially, the embargo is motivated by ‘issues with the quality of the fruit’, but it is widely believed to be retaliation for Poland’s support of European Union sanctions against Russia. In response, Puls Biznesu journalists started what quickly turned into a national campaign when they appealed to Poles to #eatapples (#jedzjabłka) to annoy Russian President Putin. The campaign is supposed to help local farmers who will feel the effects of the Russian embargo hardest. The internet is being flooded with selfies of people eating apples, edited images of Putin mocking the Russian leader, apple recipes, as well as more creative ideas of people finding new uses for apples, for example to produce fuel, to name but one. The campaign has been endorsed by Polish politicians, celebrities and journalists. Poland is Europe’s largest producer of apples; half of its produce is exported to Russia.

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