American Market for Polish Specialists

American Dream?

American Dream?v

Will America open its market for Polish specialists? Highly skilled specialists from Poland are much sought-after on the European labour markets and so perhaps they will also be wanted in the US. “Polish engineers are welcome in Germany, Norway and Italy,” says Tomasz Szpikowski, president of a company that provides engineering services in many countries. For example, in Germany there are about 8,000 engineers from Poland who mainly work in the automotive industry, mining, airline industry or in green energy. However, many labour market experts are concerned about the Polish market because if highly qualified Polish staff continue to supply EU labour markets, Poland will run out of professionals. The sixth round of negotiations of the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between the European Union and the United States took place recently during which a new area was included: the unification of regulations of certain professions. Therefore, there is a chance that professional diplomas may soon be respected on the both sides of the Atlantic which would be an important step forward. According to Agnieszka Cieślok of HRK, a firm that helps support companies in improving efficiency, such a prospect raises both hopes and concerns. For example, for young, talented employers for whom a journey to the USA is an opportunity to spread their wings. Agnieszka Cieślok believes that these young people will gain competence and perhaps an entrepreneurial way of thinking typical for the United States. However, there is still a long way to go to a unified transatlantic labour market and the waiving of visas. The list of occupations that would be covered by the reform has not been completed yet, although professions as architects, auditors, lawyers and accountants are being taken into consideration.

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