Case against Priest Dismissed



Ireneusz Bochyński, a Catholic priest, will not be held accountable for insinuating that sexual relations between children and adults are perfectly acceptable. In one of his interviews, the priest said, “There have been children, a 10-year-old and some a bit older, who I know for a fact needed to satisfy their sexual needs earlier than others. The children went to adults’ beds of their own will, to fulfil these needs. That was their choice.” Bochyński’s words caused a huge outcry at the time, and he was forced to resign as the church rector. The prosecutor’s office in Łódź then tried to establish whether the priest had information about any cases of child abuse and investigated allegations that in the 1990s Bochyński molested a 14-year-old boy. Both cases were eventually dismissed: one because of insufficient evidence and the other because it fell under the statute of limitations. The last case against Bochyński regarded incitement to paedophilia and was dismissed in July, but only now has the prosecutor’s office informed the media. The case was already investigated and dismissed once, at the beginning of the year, when prosecutors argued that while Bochyński’s comments on child abuse were morally questionable, they did not break any laws. Four months later the case was re-opened only to be dismissed again last month.

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