Eastern Polish Companies Go to Africa

Time for Poland

Time for Poland

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) will take entrepreneurs from the eastern regions of Poland on a trade mission to Africa. Companies from eastern Poland will look for new business opportunities in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Currently, PAIiIZ is recruiting volunteers. The business trip to Africa will take place between 8 and 13 October and is being organised by PAIiIZ under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, which has been realised by the Agency since January 2010. The PAIiIZ programme creates opportunities for the economic promotion of such regions as Warmia-Mazury, Podlasie, Lublin, Podkarpacie and Świętokrzyskie as well as for individual companies operating in these regions. “Africa is an extremely attractive economic area and entrepreneurs from eastern Poland have a lot to offer. There is great interest in the engineering industry mainly machinery, agriculture or that needed for food processing,” says PAIiIZ vice-president Monika Piątkowska. Some eastern Polish companies have already been active on the African continent. For example, last year a Polish tractor manufacturer from Lublin signed a contract to sell 3,000 to Ethiopia. PAIiIZ is directly promoting and has created a media campaign which is intended to draw the attention of foreign investors to eastern Poland. So far, the main direction of international promotion was Europe, the USA, Arab countries, China, Korea and Japan. PAIiIZ has recently expanded the direction of promotion to African countries. Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin or Gambia could be other interesting markets for Polish companies.

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