Geniuses from Poland

Future Einstein?

Future Einstein?

Polish secondary school pupils won six gold, six silver, and eleven bronze medals during this year’s International Science Olympiad. Is this the beginning of a new generation of geniuses? “We prepare for the contest just like a national team and have been achieving great results,” says Wojciech Łyczek. The 19-year-old from Warsaw won a gold medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Vietnam at the end of July. He is going to study medicine. Wojtek owes his success to hard work. “Before the start, we spent two weeks in a training camp in the laboratories of universities in Warsaw,” adds Wojtek. Teams that participate in the Olympiads come from all over the world, and each consists of a maximum of six people. Only 10% of the best pupils might win a gold medal. This year, one Polish student who turned out to be best of the best in his own field was Miłosz Mazurkiewicz-Dubieński who was unrivalled in mathematical linguistics (a field of linguistics that uses mathematical methods in its studies). Polish students are getting increasingly better every year, and climbing higher in the all-time medal classification. They now occupy fifth place in the world in chemistry and are in the top four in IT right behind China, Russia and the USA. These achievements are mainly chiefly the result of individual teaching programmes.

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