Chinese Delegation in Łomża

More Cooperation

More Cooperation

Representatives of the Municipal Commission for Commerce and the Science and Technology Park in Beijing visited Łomża during their week-long trip to Europe. During the meeting, the Łomża authorities and Chinese delegation assessed the possibility of economic, technological and cultural cooperation. China was represented by seven people including the chairman of the delegation Ni Yuegang, the deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission for Commerce Zhang Huayu as well as Zhou Fang, the president of the Science and Technology Park in Beijing. Łomża’s deputy mayor Benjamin Dobosz presented the investment potential of Łomża to the Chinese authorities after which Ni Yuegang stressed that he sees in Łomża and the Łomża subregion opportunities for cooperation especially in the field of environmentally-friendly industries. The guests from China viewed new investment locations in Łomża and were also impressed with the ideal location of the city itself within Poland. They expressed their hope to cooperate with local entrepreneurs.

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