Rescue Operation in Tatras

Beautiful But Dangerous

Beautiful But Dangerous

Another rescue in the Tatras: a tourist fell off a slope around Świnica. She was transported to hospital by police helicopter. Conditions in the Tatra Mountains are very difficult at the moment. At night, snow now appears on the peaks of some mountains. A small amount of white fluff has already covered, among others, the peaks of Świnica and Wołoszczyn which are visible from Zakopane. According to the on-duty meteorologist from the Polish Mountain Meteorological Observatory (Wysokogórskie Obserwatorium Meteorologiczne), Kasprowy Wierch was not covered with a great deal of snow at the beginning of the week and the temperature was only minus 1 degree Celsius. In Zakopane, thermometers indicated 6 degrees above zero. Snow and hoar frost are visible from approximately 1,960 metres above sea level. Unfortunately, tourists ignore this and do not pay attention to warnings. Recently, rescuers from the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue (TOPR) had to bring down three tourists from Świnica in the Tatra Mountains. The tourists were completely unprepared for a mountain expedition, and conditions were too difficult for them. What is more, a drunk tourist was evacuated by helicopter from Zawrat mountain pass, where he was sleeping.

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