Polish Wedding of Gay Couple

Changes Afoot?

Changes Afoot?

Jędrzej and Marek have been together for over seven years and thinking about getting married for the past two. At first, they were going to wait for parliament to pass a bill on civil unions. However, as time went on, they realised that the law might not change in their lifetime, so they took matters in their own hands and managed to get as close to getting married as a homosexual couple possibly can get in Poland. It took them a year and a half to come up with a way to circumvent the law. They started by changing their surnames: both men added the name of their partner to their own. Then, they set out to find a lawyer; one that not only would prepare the appropriate documents but also would be willing to officiate the wedding ceremony. Finally, the men signed a civil law agreement. “The law states that the parties of such an agreement can add statements of any kind, including professing their love,” the couple says. Marek and Jędrzej read their vows in the presence of sixty guests, with classical music playing in the background. The couple insisted on a traditional Polish wedding, complete with their parents’ blessing, horse-drawn carriages, and a wedding reception that continued until the small hours.

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