Rare Seal on Polish Beach

Likes It Cold

Likes It Cold

Several days ago, a Ringed Seal, also known as a Nerpa, was seen on a beach near Świnoujście. This animal is rarely seen on the Polish coast. The Nerpa is one of three species of seals living in  the Baltic Sea. Its distinctive patterning of dark spots surrounded by grey rings give it its common name of the Ringed Seal. Unlike the Grey or Harbour Seal, Nerpas need cold and snowy winters for breeding, which is rare on the Polish coast. However, climate change and hunting have meant the population of the Baltic Ringed Seal now stands at an estimated 6,000 to 8,000. “Ringed Seals rarely appear on the Polish coast because they mainly inhabit the northern waters of the Baltic,” says Katarzyna Pietrasik of WWF Poland.

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