Return of Classic Polish Car

Icon Returns

Icon Returns

On 29 August, 2014, a redesigned Polish iconic car, the Warszawa 223, was unveiled at the Sky Tower Shopping Centre in Wrocław. The New Warsaw model combines advanced 21st century automotive technology with a retro design aesthetic. The re-designed Polish classic car will be on display at the Sky Tower Centre until 17 September. The 1:1 scale model is made of fibreglass and includes original details, such as 22-inch wheels, LED headlights, a stainless steel grill and exhaust pipe tips. The fully functional car will have a BMW M5 engine. The body of the car will be hand-made, using materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar, a para-aramid synthetic fibre. Some elements of the body will be produced using innovative 3D printing technology. The Warszawa 223 will be equipped with a V10, 600 HP engine and will weigh less than two tonnes. The car is currently 70% complete and will be road-ready within the next six months. During upcoming road tests the car will be disguised, in order to keep the final design a secret. The designers of the iconic car, Michał Koziołek, Michał Puchalski, Adam Mally, Łukasz Myszyński, Dawid Ozga, Jacek Śniadecki, Jacek Bodziony and Zbigniew Żelazny are automotive enthusiasts. They undertook this project to honour the history of the Polish automotive industry and to showcase Polish automotive design to car manufacturers around the world. The main sponsor of the New Warsaw project is Getin Bank. and

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