New Rooftop Garden in Warsaw

Copernicus Centre Garden

Copernicus Centre Garden

A new rooftop garden has been opened to the public atop the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Visitors to the garden will be able to see unique plants and enjoy spectacular views of the Vistula River, the Warsaw Old Town skyline, and of the National Stadium. Despite the close vicinity of the river, the climate conditions on the roof are not conducive to the growth of plants usually seen in riverside locations. Therefore, in this particular garden “you will see plants characteristic for deserts, dunes and other similar habitats, in which plants find it difficult to grow,” explains botanist Dr Maciej Zych. “These plants can withstand a very high intensity of light, very high temperatures, and importantly, a wide range of temperatures,” added Zych. The rooftop garden is located within the Central Vistula Valley, a Natura 2000 area designated for bird protection. This man-made habitat for birds is not protected from the wind and gets a lot of direct sunlight. Therefore, most of the plants in the garden are genetically predisposed to harsh growing conditions, for example carnations, sedums and dwarf mountain pines. The garden is open daily, except Mondays, from May to October. Entry is free of charge. The Copernicus Science Centre was opened in 2010 and has about 1m visitors each year.

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