International Dachshund Parade in Kraków

Dachshunds in Kraków

Dachshunds in Kraków

The annual Dachshund Parade took place in Kraków for the 20th time. It was established back in 1973, when Mieczysław Czuma, editor in chief of Przekrój, the weekly cultural magazine, organised a dachshund parade in celebration of the 28th anniversary of the magazine. At the time, the event was regarded as a parody of the May Day parade by the communist authorities and was not repeated until 1994. According to Mieczysław Czuma, Leszek Mazan and Michał Kozioł, the authors of “To jest Kraków, Mości Książę” [This is Kraków, Your Highness the Prince], a popular history of Kraków, the presence of dachshunds in the city goes back 500 years, when the first dog of this breed arrived at the court of King Sigismund I the Old. The parade marched through the streets of Kraków’s Old Town and ended at the Main Square, where the king and queen of dachshunds were chosen. The title of Dachshund Queen went to Neferteeny, who came to Poland all the way from Tennessee, USA. A Polish dog, Amalfini, was crowned this year’s King. During the event, veterinarians, dog trainers, and behaviourists offered free advice to dog owners, who could also take advantage of free grooming services or have their dog microchipped. Moreover, representatives of a dog welfare foundation and the police were on hand to talk about dog adoption and steps to be taken, if one witnesses animal cruelty. The 20th Dachshund Parade was organised under the auspices of the Mayer of Kraków by Radio Kraków and the local authorities. 

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