Namesakes Run for Mayor’s Office

The Real Grobelny?

The Real Grobelny?

In Poznań, two candidates with the same name are running for the mayor’s office. The electoral commission received two applications for the registration of an electoral committee with the name ‘Grobelny’ in it. First, on 29 August, the current mayor of Poznań registered his Ryszard Grobelny’s Time for Wielkopolska committee (Teraz Wielkopolska Ryszarda Grobelnego); however, under two weeks later, Grobelny’s List (Lista Grobelnego) showed up on the electoral commission’s doorstep. The mayor reacted immediately, asking if Civic Platform (PO) feared another defeat so badly that they had decided to reach for an old trick they tried over a decade ago when PO a businessman by the name of Ryszard Franciszek Grobelny took part in local elections. The mayor, who has held the office for four terms already, was not far off in his suspicions, however, this time the deception is the doing of the Real Politics Union (UPR). The electoral commission refused to register the second committee on the grounds that it would create confusion, so the committee agreed to change its name by adding the candidate’s given name, Bogdan. The current mayor has boldly declared he is not afraid of the competition.

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